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The Isley Brothers



Shut up! Can’t you see two men are talking?
Thought I, told your ass to get to walking! Now I think you all better leave this place, ‘cause I’m about to catch a case.

Started my morning off right.. Recited this whole song to my sister on my way to work 😂

Goodmorning 👋


When I pass a test that everyone else fails


Chris Brown


Poppin’ - Chris Brown

  • The US Government: We're not going to make it federally mandatory for people to get paid a wage they can actually live off of
  • The US Government: If people want to make a living, they'll just have to work 16+ hours a day
  • The US Government: And if their kids end up disenfranchised because of a lack of parental involvement, well that's not our problem
  • The US Government: In fact, what is our problem is creating a system that will funnel these disenfranchised youth into our prison system so they can work for corporations (that promise us money) for damn near free
  • The US Government: If they don't want to fall victim to this system, then they can seek higher education
  • The US Government: Except such an education will be inaccessible to most disenfranchised people and skewed in favor of the financially stable and white people
  • The US Government: And we're not going to make intervention programs like sex education and conflict resolution federally mandatory, because that's the parent's job
  • The US Government: The parent who is working 16 hours a day


Just a pleasant reminder that when you vote on legal matters such as gay marriage, abortion, prostitution, and marijuana usage they are not asking if you believe its right, they are asking if you respect others enough to let everyone make their own choices and mistakes.